Monday, August 30, 2010

You all are too kind! I'm blushing!

ThePunkRockMom has been honored again! So much bloggy love- I can't stand it!

Ok, I lied. I can stand it. I'm basking in it's lovey warm glow at this very moment. :D

First up, the amazingly awesome Kiranda from Welcome to Mommyhood has given me the following awards and I just can't thank her enough for thinking of me. She has an awesomely hilarious blog- she keeps me rolling on the floor daily with tales from her mommy-hood. Some of my favorites being when she blogs about her gorgeous and coolest-son-ever Austin, her many days-of-truths, and her random adventures  that let me know that she is a woman and mommy after my own heart. <3 
She blogs with honesty and humor and I have, on more than one occasion I believe, told her how much I flipping just love her face. That alone should get you moving over to her blog! So get over there. Do it for your own good. :D

So here are the awards she so graciously gave me:


So the duties, as Kiranda so excellently puts it, for each award is to thank the person that gave you the award [check], list 7 things about you that you haven't revealed to the bloggy-verse as of yet [check], and pass them on to the bloggers that deserve them [check]!
So here are my facts and some bloggy love to my awesome followers!

  1. The last awesome book I read was Stephen King's Under the Dome. If you have not read this yet, I highly recommend it. It's awesome. Very. 
  2. We just noticed there are fresh black berries growing behind our house and all up and down our street. So I am currently learning to make all things black berry. Jelly, jam, ice cream, etc. Who wants to come over? :D
  3. I love to sew, paint, make crafts, etc, but I am SO lazy at actually doing them. It almost takes an act of God to actually get me over to my craft space sometimes. 
  4. The Just Dance video game for the Wii is my new favorite work out. It actually has 'Lump' from The Presidents of the United States of America as one of the songs! SWEET.
  5. Blimps freak me out.
  6. Flying kites freaks me out.
  7. When I was little, I used to tell people my name was Elizabeth because I hated my name. I'm ok with it now. :)
The Blogger Buddy Award goes to the following blogs for rocking my socks daily (in no particular order):

The Chupacabra Award for Excellence goes to the following bloggers who keep me obsessed with their hilariosity, amazing posts and random exploits (in no particular order):

The Beautiful Blogger Award goes to the following blogs who amaze me constantly with their beautiful lives and sweet spirits (in no particular order):

And finally, I have been given the Blog with Substance Award from the gorgeous Caroline from Atelier Caroline!

 She has an amazing blog and I wish that I had her creativity (I mean, she's going to craft all month, and she's not even gonna buy new supplies till September! Talk about creative! I can't wait to see what she makes!)!  Every time I visit her blog, I'm drooling over her creations. Like this. And this. And this. Don't forget this (Yeah, she bakes too!  Flipping YUM!)! Ok, I have to stop now because I could go on till doomsday. 
But seriously, if you love handmade stuff, like to craft, and/ or are looking for some amazing inspiration, get your rear in gear and visit Caroline today! You'll be whipping up some awesome wares in no time. :D

So because of all that, I am truly honored to have had this award given to me by such an awesome blogger and crafter-after-my-own-heart. And the rules are the same for this award, thanks to the giver, some facts about yourself (7 seems like the going number) and pass it on to those lovely bloggers who fill their blogs with substance. :)

I'd like to give this award to the following bloggers (in no particular order):

All of these bloggy award recipients definitely deserve every award and more, and I hope you will all visit their blogs soon. They all rock!

(Oh and don't forget to enter my photo challenge/ contest! You still have till tomorrow @ midnight PST to enter! Fun and prizes to be had! Hope to see your gorgeous face and beautiful pictures there! :D)


  1. OMG, I am so so chuffed, thank you very much I love the Chupacabra award and cannot wait to proudly display it. It rocks! You are so fantastic for having given me this and I will sleep on this to ensure I put up a post worthy of such a fantastic award. xoxoxoxo

  2. Thank you so much for this award. It means so much that you like my blog :-) I try to make it look good whenever I have time and love the challenges and speaking my mind and heart :-) this is awesome :-)

  3. You ladies are both very welcome! I absolutely adore both of your blogs and you both deserve every bit of not just the awards you got, but all of them! You rock!

  4. Thank you Mary Anne.

    I started religiously blogging from July 2010 after our move to US. It is indeed a great experience and I am enjoying the journey that each day at blogging world brings. Making new friends, sharing stories, responding through comments and encouraging people to open up and become more human as possible.

    I share with you a picture close to my heart to spread the joy! Do check at my blog :)

    Jouney says: Enjoy me, I am full of real experiences where you will learn to bend, fall, raise and still keep your head high!

  5. how sweet are you thank you some much for giving me an award I will for sure pass it on :)


  6. Thank you so much for including me, MaryAnne. Congrats on your many awards! It is all well deserved.


  7. Thank you so much! I LOVE rockin' Socks:)
    You are the awesomist!

  8. You are all very welcome! I love your blogs and you all deserve these awards, and more! You rock! :D

  9. Thanks sweetie! Man, you are like the blog award queen!!!

  10. @Kakunaa- What can I say? I rock! LOL! J/K- I'm just really blessed with awesome and giving bloggy friends and followers! :D

    @Claire- thanks lady! :D

  11. Too cool! & I have to say you deserved every one of them! Can't wait to check out some of your favorites!

  12. So, I'm a loser at keeping up on blogs lately. But THANK YOU! I feel exponentially cooler now. :)

  13. Oh my gosh! Thank you! I feel like a cool kid, all decked out in blogg-y flair!

  14. First congrats on your awards and second thank you for including my little blog- you rock! And because I love your blog so much here is another fab award to add to your list ;) I am giving you the Cherry on Top award because you are so awesome!

  15. You're welcome ladies!
    And mommysankey- THANK YOU so much for the Cherry on Top award! You rock! Loves it! :D


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