Sunday, August 22, 2010

Super Amazing Saturday!

Even though it is technically Sunday here, I am still thrilled by the awesome Saturday we had!

First of all, I noticed that I have been officially followed by 100 people as of today! :D (yesterday- I'm still up so I'm still counting this as Saturday :))
And how appropriate- because today was my 1 month blog-iversary! I am truly honored and appreciate so much my awesome visitors, readers, and followers. You guys rock!

My 100th follower just happens to be the lovely Stacey from Eco Modern Mom! I will be writing a post about her awesome blog in a few, but in the mean time, go over and check out her site. It's lovely! :)

And the other thing that made today so special is that my wonderful hubs took all of us on a super secret trip that wasn't revealed to us until we pretty much got there. I love surprises and I have been dying to visit this amazing place for a long time, so to have him plan this special secret trip was flipping awesome!

I'll be revealing where we went tomorrow with a mostly pictures blog, but I want to have a little fun first.

I'm going to post one picture below and the first person to answer in a comment with the correct place that we visited will get a blog written by me all about their fabulous site. So basically guess the picture and get your blog featured on TPRM! :D

Here is the picture clue:

A bit unfair you say?
Way too vague you say?
I say no to both of those questions!
Take a sec to think about it and I know it will be 
so obvious you'll smack your head.
But seriously tho, don't smack yourself.
I claim no responsibility fo self smacking. 

And don't forget my photo challenge/ contest coming up on Tuesday!!!
Fun and prizes to be had!


  1. I have a blog award for you. Come to to receive it!

    Congrats on 100 followers!!

  2. Oh my goodness! TY SO MUCH! You rock! I am so honored :)

  3. I Also live in WA state! My guess for your mini-contest is the Olympic mountains?
    There are a few mountain ranges here, but I'll go with that one cause it's my favorite:)
    We just came back from there today!


  4. You are right! Since you're the only answerer on this page, you get a feature too! You rock! Awesome to meet other Washington mommies :D
    It was Mt. St. Helens :D
    Look for your feature sometime tomorrow!


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