Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guess-My-Surprise-Trip mini contest!

Hello all! Happy Sunday!

So last night I posted about my awesome Saturday and our super secret surprise Saturday outing.
The hubs took us all on a surprise jaunt to a place I have been dying to visit since we moved here.
He knows how much I love surprises, so it was a wonderful trip all around!

And I posted this last night, but it was very late so many of you probably didn't see it, so I want to post it again and give you all another chance to enter my mini contest.

I am going to post about the trip and post a bunch of pictures later, but I want to have a little Guess-My-Surprise-Trip mini contest fun first! :D

So take a look at the picture below, examine it, think about it, and leave a comment with where you think we went. (Clue 1- peruse my About me. Just throwing that out there :))
Which ever lovely blogger comments first with the correct answer will get a featured blog post here on TPRM! 

So here is Clue 2- The photo evidence :)

Way too vague you say?
Totally not fair you say?
That's just the flipping woods you say?

I say no to all of the above!
Pay attention to the clues I gave and the answer
will be so obvious, you'll smack yourself in the head.

But seriously, don't smack yourself. 
I hold no responsibility for smack-related injuries.

Happy guessing!

Oh and don't forget to stop by this Tuesday for my first photo challenge contest!


  1. No, not the Appalachian Trail, but good guess! Think the other side of the country/ Pacific NW :)

  2. Hey Gal! I'm so glad that Bloggy Moms directed me in your direction - we have several things in common (patriotism and a deep love and respect for the military, I'm a third grade teacher, I'm a mom to two wonderful kiddos, and I'd love to learn more about photography). So nice ta' meet 'cha! Please stop by my blog and return the follow if you feel I'm worthy:
    Oh, and the first thing that popped in my mind when I saw the photo for your contest was Mt. St. Helens. Don't know if I'm anywhere near the right answer, but figured it doesn't hurt to try, right? ;) Love ya doll - take care and be blessed!
    Follow me on Twitter: @MomtheBomb13

  3. Darn, I remember reading that you wanted to go there. I guess there is no snow there now.
    Mt. St. Helens

  4. Ok this is very interesting because you are both right! So you both get a feature! :)
    Yes we were in a Washington State Park and we were visiting Mt. St. Helens! Nice work ladies! Your reward is well deserved! :)

    @Malin, I'm so glad you stopped by as well! We do have so much in common, and it definitely didn't hurt to try cause look! You won! :D
    I need to adopt that philosophy more in my life :)
    I love that you're military minded (Claire, the poster above you, is a military wife, you should check out her blogs!) and a teacher! So awesome to meet other teachers on here too! And that's awesome you want to learn more about photography- I'd love to give you the tips I'm learning :)
    I am so flattered by your sweet comments and I will follow you right away! So nice to meet awesome bloggers! And I'll follow you on twitter too!
    Can't wait to read your stuff! YAY!
    You be blessed too! :D

  5. Lolo, you scooted in right at the last second and with the right answer (Mt. St. Helens) so you get a feature too! Thx for all of you ladies participating! :D


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