Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I have been bestowed a great honor!

I have received my first bloggy award!!!

Thank you! Thank you! No need for all of the applause! Please, sit down. You're embarrassing me! :D
It's the Versatile Blogger Award!

The blogger who gave me this award is the wonderful and awesome mom behind Mother Knows Less, and she certainly knows a lot! She has an amazing blog and I consider her a true versatile blogger! She writes about everything from brushes with greatness, her wonderful children, funny thoughts and her musings on life. Her blog is colorful and filled with videos, poems and articles that are awesome! I encourage you to stop by and visit her often. I do! :)

The way this award works is you must:

a) Thank the person who gave you this award
b) Tell 7 things about yourself
c) nominate 15 newly discovered blogs to share this award!

So here are seven things about myself previously unknown to the bloggy-verse:

1. I can drive a stick shift car like nobody's business. (My husband said to tell you he said so! lol! :))
2. I make a mean jambalaya. (My husband said he's my husband and he didn't even know that before 3 days ago! haha! :))
3. I want to adopt a little girl one day.
4. It is a daily struggle to keep from biting my nails- yesterday I lost some battles, but today the war is being won!
5. My favorite book is 'The Short Stories of Ray Bradbury.' (one of them anyway :P)
6. I recently overcame my fear of flying and I cannot wait to explore the world!
7. My favorite movie is Back to the Future Part II and Michael J. Fox was my very first crush. Ooo la la! :D
*Bonus! (cause I love bonuses) My favorite Bible passage is Luke 11:1-13. <3

And here are 15 AWESOME blogs that I have recently discovered that I think definitely deserve this award, in no particular order (I wish I could choose you all because you all rock!):

1. He wears combat boots, I wear stilettos
2. The Bipolar Diva
3. Lipglossd Mom
4. Pregnant... with power tools
5. I Was Never The Girl Next Door
6. One Cramazing Life
7. Life in the Mom Lane
8. Mosquitos Suck, and other observations from a Minnesota mommy!
9. Punk Rock Parents
10. Me 'n my Monkeys!
11. Claire's Creations and Photography
12. freckles & dimples photography
13. 1000 Reasons I'm a Crap Mom
14. Crazy About My Baybah
15. The not-ever-still Life

I hope all of you lovelies will stop by and say hello to all of these superb and brilliant bloggers! Thanks again to Mother Knows Less!


  1. Oi oi oi! Thank you so much!!
    Too tired to be clever, sorry... will try again tomorrow!

  2. Hahaha! I think you're plenty witty :) That's why I gave you the award! :D

  3. Thank you!! I knew I liked you!!

  4. First off thanks for the shout-out!! So in high school Ray Bradbury spoke at my school and I have a copy of one of his books signed. A book I have never finished reading. AND I saw Back to the Future 2 for the first time last week. My first crush was Corey Haim (RIP)

  5. Awesome! Thanks so much, Muchly appreciated!

  6. @Elizabeth- YVW! I knew I liked you too! :)

    @Punk Rock Mom- That is so awesome! I absolutely love his writing. What book did he sign? Jealous! :) And yay for BTTF P2! It was on a day or two ago and I still love it. My son came in so we had to switch it to SongeBob, and I was all, "Aw man, but Back to the Future is on!" Even tho I must have seen it 500 times by now! And yeah, that was so sad abt Corey Haim. He was so young. Glad you didn't say your first crush was Corey Feldman tho! He is totes yuck! LOL! (sorry Feldman fans! :))

  7. @Me 'N My Monkeys- YVW! Keep on being awesome! :)

  8. That is such a great Thank you and you completely outdid me with the photo! Imbecile that I am I could not find your comment box on your site before or I would have commented on your son. Wow. I think I need to smush those cheeks! He is gorgeous! Loved the double rainbow post and video. I had a similar reaction to seeing the Grand Canyon! Love your style!

  9. Thank you so much!! You definitely deserved the award yourself and am very honored to accept and pass it on as well. thanks again!

  10. Thanks ladies- and you all deserved it! :D

    @motherknowsless- I loved your photo so I looked for an old fashioned one and I loved the one I found! Glad you like it too! :D
    Thx for the compliments on my sweetie! He has cheeks for days- so feel free to virtually smush them anytime! Glad you like my style and I hope it keeps you coming back! :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by, commenting at Showcase Sisters, and congrats on your blog award!! : )

  12. Thanks woman! I posted my nominees!

  13. You're welcome ladies! You deserve it! :)

  14. hey! thanks for the award! off to re-read my directions and pay it forward. you rock!

  15. Aw, no prob! I love your blog and wanted to let you know with an award! :)

  16. Congratulations on your award, you deserve it! I absolutely love reading your blog!

    And thank you so much for the award! I'm a few days behind so I'm attempting to get caught up. I will be writing up a post about the award soon! =)


  17. Thanks! And I love your blog! You definitely deserve it! :)


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