Sunday, August 8, 2010

Open Letters Week here at TPRM

So I like to keep things light and loving around here... usually. There is so much hate in the world, I'd rather not rant too much (LOL yeah sure! Ha!) on my blog or get too serious. Life is too short and I prefer to laugh as often as possible. But I've had may things weighing on me as of late, and I want to take this week to write a series of open letters to people I love and people that seriously piss me off.

Tomorrow I will be starting off in the piss me off category. I'm sure it will piss you off too.

And I want to encourage all of you to write open letters to loved ones and those you wish to punch. Even if you never send them. It is such a thoughtful and healing experience, I highly recommend it. :)

Stay tuned!

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