Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too-pretty-to-stress-Tuesdays here a TPRM!

Because you are just too pretty to stress!
Comment or link up with what should be stressing you out and why you are too gorgeous to do it!


Well my hair is just too luxurious to worry about it constantly being ripped out by my 9 month old.

My skin is just too glowing to care that it looks like I just made out with Wolverine after I try to put my 2 year old down for nap time. 

My toes are just way too glorious to worry about what the other moms will say about my chipped polish when I roll up to my husband's ball game tonight in my flip flops. 

My eyes are just way too gorgeous to stress over the fact that my son tries to scratch them out if I don't turn on Kai Lan or the Wii fast enough.

My crafting skillz are just way too bad-a to even give a thought to the fact that no one wants to buy my stuff on Etsy. 

My new laptop is way to kick-a to mind my kids using it as a combination teething toy/ diving board.

What about you?

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