Friday, August 20, 2010

Photography class!!! (And possible upcoming photo contests!)

I am so flipping excited! I just started my very first photography class!!!

The amazing photographer I'm studying with is Lisa Wiltse. She is currently living and working in Bolivia/ Rio De Janeiro  (so our classes are taking place via Skype :) But I would love to visit her there for a location shoot! Bolivia's natural beauty is astounding- go here for pictures of Bolivia's natural beauty, and so is Rio's- go here for pix of Rio De Janeiro). If you want to see some amazing photography, please visit her website here. She is awesome!

So this week was my first week. We talked a lot about different techniques and perspectives. So naturally my first assignment is about perspectives. Here it is:

Here is something I call point of view, I find this really helps in exploring composition and to  build an understanding of point of view and to look at a familiar setting in new ways
Point of View:
What other points of view can you find and photograph?
A Statue From the ground up
A Reflection From above
A Circle, Triangle, Square shapes from the ground up
A Tree Branch from the ground up
A Shadow From above
A Person From Close up, far away, from left, from right and in their environment
A street scene, all angles
Surprise Me! From Your Unique Point of View

I have already taken a few pictures, and I'll be posting them all here for you to peruse and enjoy.
So there will be 8 pictures in a post probably on Tuesday- 1 for every category above.
And I love this assignment and can't wait for all of the other ones- there will be 4 more, so 5 in total.

So what I was thinking was...
To have all of you lovely photographers take the class with me! So next week I will be posting my pictures, and I will invite all of you to post one picture from any of the above categories and submit it on a Linky/ contest blog I will write. I'll have guest judges and the judge will pick one winner. There will be 5 contests in total, so five winners in total, one for every weekly assignment I get for the next 5 weeks. 

Then I was thinking...
I will take the 5 winners and their pictures and make a poll for all of my lovely readers to vote on! The one with the most votes will win one of my lovely crafts of their choice and a super awesome item I will reveal next week! Sweet right? The 4 runners up will receive front page spotlights on my blog for a week.

So tell me...
What do you think? Will you come and enter my contest? I would love for everyone that has a camera to enter! It DOES NOT have to be fancy, it can be a regular digital camera. What I'm looking for is feeling, passion and fun, NOT perfectly focused or photoshop pix. Will you enter? I hope you will!!!!

(I will post about the rules and each Linky will be open for a set amount of time that I will let you know next week in the contest blog so you will have some time to enter. Keep on the look out for the blog next Tuesday or Wednesday!!! :))



  1. I'm definitely in for this. School kicked my hiney this week, but I WILL be there to support you, just like you have supported me. :)

    Also, so glad to see your Etsy shop up. Absolutely GORGEOUS.

  2. Sounds like fun to me... Lets see if I can get my BF.. who is an amazing photographer to join in.

  3. I am looking forward to your contest!
    I love your energy. Great Blog.
    Thanks for stopping by mine. New Friend Friday's are Fabulous:)

  4. Ok you guys are so FLIPPING sweet! I want to cry! LOL!

    @Claire- I would be so honored if you entered! YAY! I can't wait till Tuesday! You rock :) And thx for the compliments on my Etsy shop- I think your shop is GORGEOUS as well! (And I would love to have you judge one of the weeks!)

    @Jaclynn- So glad you and your awesome BF are thinking about entering! I would LOVE to have you both enter! (He can enter under your blog too if he doesn't have his own blog :)) Hope your pregnancy is going well! Only 13 more weeks right?

    @Michelle, thanks for stopping by!!! I love your blog and I am really excited you want to enter! YAY!!!

  5. wow, that's great! I was looking for photography class here in the island during my summer break but I wasn't lucky. i'll be back to work next month and won't have the time to study photography. you found a wonderful way to take photography classes. classes over the net/skype didn't come to mind :) that's great! goodluck on your classes, i'm looking forward to seeing your photos..

  6. Are point-and-shooters welcome? If so, count me in! I will be super busy moving the next few weeks, but will try my best!

  7. I hope you enjoy the class! I took one in college and loved it. I had an old school, all manual camera. I MUCH prefer my digital one!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your words were very encouraging! I look forward to seeing photos from your class posted here. Now following you!

  9. Thanks for all of your sweet comments! I love all of your blogs and am following you all!
    And yes, point and shooters are very welcome! You don't need a fancy camera, just a desire to have fun taking pictures! I hope to see you all and your awesome pictures this week! :)

  10. So are we emailing the entries to you or just waiting for the next blog post for details... :)


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