Thursday, August 12, 2010

More open letters up in a minute... But first...

So for those who actually read my blog and semi keep up with it, sorry about the no post/ no open letters yesterday. I was uber bogged down with work, kids, engagements, Etsy stuff and so on. Lame excuse, but there it is. So today I will post 2 open letters to make up for yesterday's lack of one. Yay for me! Please be seated. Your praise and applause is unnecessary. ;D

But first I would like to invite you over to if you aren't already a member.

Where Moms Who Blog Go!

It's a great place where you can link up with other moms, join groups and discussions, post your blogs so that more moms can see them, make your own groups, and generally support one another. It's a great site and I post my blogs there daily so that even more moms can see my posts.

And speaking of that, I recently started my own group and that's what I wanted to post about.
It's called "I want your buttons!" and it's a place for bloggy moms to post their buttons for me to share on my site as well as on Bloggy Moms. So go on over and join my buttons group if you like it! If you like my blog and want me to feature your button, just let me know on here or there, but I would really like if you did both :)

All I ask in return is to put my button on your blog, even if it's on another page or waaaaaaaay down at the bottom :) Cause hey, sharing is caring, right? :D


  1. Thanks for the link! I don't have a button yet - haven't figured out what I want but I'll post yours!

  2. Kaelin- Thank you so much! And I'm glad you liked the link. It's a great site for mommy bloggers.

    Also, I can make you a button in like 2 minutes if you want me to! Just let me know- Leave another comment here on what you want it to look like (image from your blog) and what you want it to say!


  3. A button is the one thing I'm lacking. I have the images but I have a mac and don't have the software for editing or adding text to my images. :( Also, congratulations MaryAnne. I've read through your blog and I'm quite impressed, not just by your amazing photography skills, but also that you've been blogging for a month and already have received many awards. :) I've been blogging for 4 years and have none. LOL Thanks for blogging! I'll definitely be enjoying your site as my passions are love, laughter, music and photography! ROCK ON! :)
    From Bali With Love,

  4. Anna, thank you so much for all of your kind words! You and your family and blog are all amazing and you are deserving of all the awards out there!
    If you need help with a button, I'd be happy to make one for you!!


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