Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time for photo challenge number two!

Hello loveys! How are you all this evening?

I hope you're in a photographic mood, cause it's time for my second challenge! (for rules and prize info, please go here. Thanks!)

So if you want to enter, grab the button above and link up! This contest and the Linky below will be open till next Tuesday, September 14th at midnight PST. And all photographers of all skill levels are welcome. And you don't need a fancy camera either. :D And you can edit your photos if you want, but you definitely don't have to! I'm just looking for passion in the shot. :D

This week I will be deviating from my photo class assignment (it's about aperture, and since not everyone has that feature on their cameras, I want to make sure as many people as want to can participate. :)) and I will be picking the theme!

This week's theme is:
All the small things...

This is a very broad category, and you can enter up to 3 pictures if you like. What I mean by small things is, well, let me show you in pictures...

Little things...

Little things close up/ Macro...

Small parts of bigger things...

Small things that look like big things/ Miniatures...

Tiny people in your life...

Small moments in your life...

So take this theme and run with it! Let your creativity run wild! I can't wait to see all of your gorgeous photos! :D



  1. Ok...so I finally got to enter! But my pic is at the waaaaay bottom of the post. :)

  2. I am mentally sorting thru photos! I love this theme!

  3. yea! so entering as soon as hubby is home and on baby duty... I already have my fave pic of my tiny cuties!

  4. Yay! Can't wait for you all to enter!

    And @imperfect momma- thx for entering! I love all of your pix! And the one you entered- so sweet! :D


  5. I will enter the 2nd photo on little things
    the first photo on macro/close up
    the 2nd on the little people i love
    the first one on small moments in your life! :-)

  6. Hi there! I was just gona let you know to go chexk out the results of the photo challenge over at my blog! Http://dillonsmommajinswifey.blogspot.com :-)

  7. The purple flowers are especially gorgeous! I seriously cannot stop staring at them..

  8. Glad to finally be part of the fun!
    Great photos!!

  9. Sooooo annoyed. Since I'm saving the files from FB, they will only save as .bmp, so they won't work in the linky. I'm sorry. I just used generic buttons, but they are there, on the page listed!!!

  10. Glad you ladies entered! :D
    @Kakunaa- don't worry about that, it's fine! :D

  11. I'm trying to get my entries together now. I know the deadline's almost up..."All the small things", ohhh such a good theme...I think I have 10 million pictures to choice from LOL :-0


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