My kick-it list

1. Read the Bible cover to cover. Memorize all of my favorite verses.
2. Read War and Peace. 'Get' it.
3. Visit Hawaii. Sleep on the beach.
4. Visit Ireland. Follow a rainbow there.
5. Hike the Appalachian Trail.
6. Get over my fear of flying kites. :D
7. Read The Art of War.
8. Master Tai Chi.
9. Learn how to speak another language. ANY language at this point.
10. Visit Australia. Go on a walkabout ala John from Lost.
11. Meet Blink 182.
12. Meet Ludacris.
13. Learn how to knit.
14. Learn how to crochet.
15. Become a raw foodie for at least a month.
16. Become a vegan for at least a month.
17. Find and make a delicious signature recipe.
18. See the northern lights.
19. Get on an air plane and really not be afraid to fly.
20. Simplify my life. Clean house and give things away each month for a year.
21. Become an expert photographer. Open my own studio.
22. Have an amazingly awesome trip to NYC
23. TBA...

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  1. I have added your button on my site from Mom Bloggers Club. I would appreciate it if you would add mine on your blog as well as in the group at Mom Blogers Club, thank you.


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