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Challenge #2: All the Small Things
     Winner:  The Journalings of a Julius
     2nd:  Bugaboo, Mini, Mr & Me
     3rd:  They Call Me Mama
     4th:  Just the Two of Us... and a Cat
     HM:  Home and Away, Atelier Caroline, Not Always Picture Perfect 

See all of the winning pix here!


Challenge #1: Perspective
     Winner:  They Call Me Mama
     2nd: They Call Me Mama
     3rd: Absolut Anna

See all of the winning pix here!



For this contest to run smoothly, PLEASE read all of the following/ rules
*You DO NOT have to have a fancy camera. All photographers of all skills and equipment are welcome. I am definitely no pro! LOL! :) You can submit raw photos or pix that you have photoshopped. But editing will not give you bonus points. What I want is passion and creativity in the shot. But you are welcome to edit your pix as you like! :)

Here are the rules:
1. Pick a theme from above that you would like to photograph (*Note- you DO NOT have to take pictures for every theme- you only need to enter ONE), take a few snapshots and pick out the one you like best.

2. Grab my photo challenge button and put up a post with the button and the pic you took.

3. Enter your picture and post into the Linky below (have your picture link back to your post).

4. You're all done!

*However- if you would like to take pictures for more than one theme, go for it! You don't need to put a separate post on your blog for each picture you enter, just have one post with the challenge button and the pictures you entered.  BUT if you DO want to enter more than one picture, you need to enter each picture in the Linky below separately with each one leading back to your one post about the contest. 

I will simply say this: follow the directions of the challenge (# of pix you're allowed to enter, theme, etc)grab my button and put up a post on your blog about the contest and the pix you are enteringIf you are entering MORE than 1 pic, EACH pic needs to be entered into the Linky
Sounds like a pain in the arse, but it's not a rule that I made just to be annoying to you. It's so that the judges know exactly what pictures count towards the contest. So if you have 3 pix to enter, but only link to 1, only that 1 will be judged. If I was judging all of the contests, it might be different cause I know what's what, but since I will be having guest judges, it's easier for them to just go ahead and judge the Linky entries. 

So remember, LINK EACH PIC you want entered, and make sure you link back to the post about the challenge, not just your blog. :D And of course you can put up as many pix about the theme on your own blogs as you want. I always find it hard to narrow it down when I enter photo challenges! :)

If you are confused at all, just comment with your question and I will clear it up!

Now on to the other good stuff...

There will be one winner, and, depending on how many people who enter, runners up and honorable mentions. I will also pick out a few of my favorites.
So there will be buttons next week that you can grab if you are a winner, runner up, etc. :D

The winners will recieve:
1st- A feature on TPRM, their button on my front page for a week and 2 of my homemade guest soaps of their choice! Also, the winner's photo will be placed in the running for the final vote off after the end of the challenges (4 more).
2nd, 3rd, 4th- Runner's up will have their buttons placed on my front page for a week with a post linking to their sites. Also, the runners up photos will be placed in the running for the final vote off after the end of the challenges (4 more).
Honorable mentions- A post linking to their sites.

For the final vote off:
The grand prize winner after the 5 contests will receive any one of my handmade Etsy items of their choice and one super awesome prize that will be revealed before the vote off! :D 

The runners up (up to 5) will receive some of my homemade guest soaps and a small but super awesome secret prize that will be revealed before the vote off! 

*To be considered for a place in the vote off poll, you must enter at least 3 of the 5 contests and place either 1st or runner up in one of the contests. But you will have a week to enter each one, so it shouldn't be too hard! :D

The runners up will receive a featured post about their sites here on TPRM!

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  1. Is it okay to enter a collage for your Storytime theme? Thanks :)


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