Saturday, September 4, 2010

They Call Me Mama: Photo Challenge!

Next up, photo challenge wise, is the lovely Tiffany over at They Call Me Mama!

This is her first challenge and the theme is "Show Yourself." So I am happy to oblige! The rules for her challenge are:

"My challenge is about expressing yourself through your photos (add as many as you like and I'll pick my favorite if I make you my #1 or top 3!) if it's yourself, your hobby's, your family or kids, anything that expresses you that day and shows how you feel good of bad and adding a small or long description with your follow to explain it."

So here are my pictures of what I would deem as my 'self' at the moment:

Here is how I described this photo in the previous photo challenge:
"Along my walk, I stumbled upon a clothing store called Wisteria Lane. No relation to desperate housewives of the same name, I'm sure. Underneath the sign for their shop hung this really interesting rocking horse. This guy seems like he was once covered in some really fabulous fabric or paper, but the elements have not been very kind. Which left me with an amazing shot!"

How I would relate this photo to me, self, would be that the rocking horse represents my kids, and the aging effect on it represents how fast they are growing up. And how time is fading and fickle- exposed to all of the elements, just like we all are everyday. 

Here is how I described this photo in the previous challenge:

"This is a scale that I viewed through the window of a vintage shop. I loved the shape, feel and color of the scale, so I emphasized all of those by creating a super saturated Lomo effect. I was very pleased with the result- a timeless artifact, kept vibrant and alive with color."

I choose this picture as a descriptive part of me because of wat it represents: a love of vintage things, and fat. 
 I mean really- what woman doesn't look at a scale and think of the love/ hate relationship that she has with it? So I look at this scale with an awe for the vintage beauty of it. And I hate it for the truth it would tell me if I was to actually step on. 

This gorgeous pic is of an amazing pitcher I obtained through a yard sale. I really admired this piece and every time I looked at it, I thought "Marie Antoinette" for some reason. I guess it is a combo of my fuzzy knowledge of her and the Kirsten Dunst version of her. Pink and gilded edges. So my aim was to make this lovely pitcher as bright and funky as possible. Something that Marie herself would be proud of. :)

I include this pic as an expression of myself because it is a pic of 2 out of 3 of my most favorite people in the world. And there you go. Enough said. Plus, look at those eyes. I mean, how could anyone resist?

This photo is one of my favorites. The original is obviously me- a big, boring background. But I loved the silhouette so much that I had to enhance it a bit. To really make it pop. Cause thats me- simple, but I POP right in yo face. LOL! :D I love the way the details are so defined in this edit.

And lastly, but not leastly- our local tattoo joint. I add this in there because I feel tattoos and tattooing are a big part of my life. And this place is soon to become my home. :D



  1. Great photos and great story for the theme. Nice work.

  2. these are all awesome and you described each so well! Vintage is another thing I love something older but with so much about it that makes it older and different :-) the photo of you is great too :-) love it!

  3. Hello! I'm your newest follower from The Joy of Giving Birth. You can find me at



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