Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello again...

Hi there. If you're still there.
It's been a while.

Much like the last post of this same nature, this is kind of an apology. To you my rocking and awesome readers. I don't mean to just go away with no explanation and leave you hanging. It just kind of happens.

"Oh, I'll post something tomorrow."
And tomorrow comes and goes.

"[Hilarious thing that happened to me] was so freaking funny! I have to post it. Maybe tomorrow."
And tomorrow becomes the next day. And the next day becomes next week.
And now a month and a half has gone by. And I'm sorry. Again.

Not to bore you with the details, not now anyway cause I'm just not ready, but I've been going through some things these last few months and I've kind of had my priorities all out of whack. But I've been trying to straighten them out. And this blog is really something that I love to do and for this reason and the next, it's just been pushed to the back burner. Even though I have a lot of great things planned for it and that I wanted to do, and will do, with it.

I kinda needed to get myself straight first.

But I promise to try better. To try and not leave you hanging again like I did before. Especially when I love you all so much. Really.


Up next:

*Winners from my last photo contest! (Thx again to Shannie from Wiz man'll never fit you like the wiz kid did for judging! She got her picks into me right away and it is in no way her fault that I'm posting the results so far out. She is wonderful and awesome and I highly suggest you go check out her blog right away!)

*A review!

*Some giveaways!

*And I know I said I would have 5 photo contests before putting up a poll to announce the grand prize winner, but since I obviously can't be trusted ;D I'm going to say that 4 contests are good enough for now. So if you have won or placed (1st - 4th places) in any of my contests, be on the look out for the grand prize poll I'll be putting up on my blog! You'll want to let your readers know to come here and vote for your picture! There will be some fabulous prizes for the winner! But more details on that soon...

*And of course some happenings in the life of this little punk rock mom...
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