Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hello again

Hi there. 

I haven't posted a blog in over 10 days. I've been meaning to. Plenty of blog worthy things have happened to me. Well funny things I think would entertain you. Or at least make you smile. Laugh maybe.

I just, well, theres no good excuse. I've just been, well, overwhelmed lately. 

I have my hands in too many pots I guess you could say.

Trying to make money from home. Trying to be creative. Trying to make money being creative. Trying to go to school. Trying to simplify my life. Trying to learn photography. Trying to learn photoshop. Trying to make this blog awesome. 

Trying to be a good wife. Trying to be a good mom. Trying to follow Jesus with all my heart. 

Some of these things are way more important than others. I find myself putting more time in to some less important things and less into the more important things. 

This is because I have no decent schedule. My time floats by all willy nilly. I need a daily schedule badly. I need to figure out how much time I should spend on each thing I want to do daily, and stick to it. 

I have more troubling problems that compound this.

I am lazy. 

I am a procrastinator.

I start many things and finish few.

I am easily overwhelmed. 

When I'm overwhelmed I tend to hide. From everything. Taking a break at first seems refreshing. Then as the says go by, I get more worried. I need to start again. But I'm starting to get overwhelmed cause I missed too many days. Then the days just add up and starting again at all seems harder than starting over. 

I'm not trying to whine. I've been blessed beyond recognition. Pretty much everything I've said is my fault. 

 I guess I'm just telling you why.

And I'm sorry. It's hard getting back in the habit. 

And I promise to try better. 


ps- Thx to those that sent me messages of concern. I'm ok. Just a little lost right now. 

Photo contest winners coming up...


  1. I'm glad you are back MaryAnne. I was wondering where you had disappeared to and was hoping you were ok.

    I definitely understand about getting overwhelmed with everything. {{{Hugs}}}

  2. I could've written this post :) Glad you're back!

  3. Yay ! You're back. We all go through those frantic phases and it's ok to take a break when too much is too much :).

    Very relieved everything is fine!! Big hugs from MD


  4. So good to see you back! Make no apology - your blog, your life, your creativity...we all have peaks and valleys and all the in between & sometimes we need a time out:)

  5. I agree with Kaelin, no need to apologize. It happens. That's why I haven't really had time to blog lately. I needed to put that time into more important things at home. You are fabulous, regardless of what you choose. Try not to worry, because then things have a tendency to overwhelm, which as you stated, makes you want to hide. I'm the same way. I hope things come easier soon. All of your readers <3 you!

  6. I am the same way MA! It's so hard to balance and it's hard to focus at times, for me on the important things. I actually did make a schedule for work/home/blogging/etc a few weeks ago but I don't always follow it. You'll figure out the routine that's right for you when you get into it! :) Glad to know all is ok your way. Take care.

  7. I'm a hider as well. And a procrastinator. And lazy. Basically we're twins. ;)

  8. oh my... I think you're my long lost sister! (Except I don't have an ounce of creativity in me!) I was starting to wonder where you'd gone, though!

  9. Dude, no apology needed...we are all in this for the long haul ;)



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