Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 features for 4 lovely bloggers

As promised, here is the feature for the 4 lovely bloggers who won my mini contest. In no particular order...
Here we go!

First up is the amazing Claire from Claire's Creations and Photography.


Since I already reviewed this site of hers over @ Blog Brew Review, I want to highlight her other blog-
Dear Diary- Turned Wide Open.
I was so excited and truly touched when I saw she started this blog. Excited because I think she rules and touched because she has a truly incredible story to tell.
She details her life from her early life as a single mom to her beautiful daughter and the trials and triumphs they experienced.
She goes on to talk about her incredible hubby, what it's like being 'married to the military' and the hardships and experiences of being pregnant while her husband was deployed. If you haven't been to check out this blog of hers yet, get your rear in gear and get over there! You won't regret it. :)

Next up is the lovely Lolo from Crazy About My Baybah.

Her site is just like it sounds- she's crazy about her baybah! And who wouldn't be, he's flipping adorable!
She blogs about everything from her fun adventures with her family, reviews and giveaways and she is always posting the most gorgeous pictures she takes! Her bog is amazing and so much fun and she is just about the nicest person you'll meet in the bloggy world. Go check out her site! Like now!

Next we have the awesome Michelle from Falafel and the Bee.

Can I just say, first of all, she takes THE most fantastic pictures this side of the Mississippi! If for no other reason, please go over there and check out her pix. For your own good! :) But you should visit for a lot more reasons- her family is adorable (so jealous of the natural red heads!), her adventures are awesome, and she has a fantastic style of writing- you can totally understand what she's going through when she posts. So I highly recommend you visit her site, and soon!

And last but certainly not least, the wonderful Malin from Bless Your Heart, Y'all.


And with a blog title like that, how can you NOT want to go visit? I love it! She is as sweet as the title of her blog and I fell in love with her blog at first bloggy sight! She is hilarious and I simply cannot get enough of her posts- whether they are about how aliens have obviously been enrolled in her third grade class instead of actual human third graders, or her lists of WHY stupid things happen, I get lost in her posts and hate to have to walk away to actually do some house work. Do yourself a favor and go check her out. You have a lot of hilarious catching up to do!

(Oh and don't forget to enter my photo challenge/ contest! There are many fun times and prizes to be had! And the contest is open till next Tuesday @ midnight PST :D)


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet words MaryAnne! You are truly wonderful!

  2. Aw thanks Claire! You rock, so it's really all you! :)


  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! that's awesome!!

    so I just realized...we're neighbors! lol well kinda! we're here in WA state too and we live on McLewis. YAY!!

  4. Thanks so much MaryAnne! that was too kind:)
    I have a button for the contest post- do you have a smaller one for my sidebar??

  5. Thank you so much MaryAnne for the kind words! You are too sweet! :)

  6. What a great group of blogs. I'll have to check them out.

  7. Yes they are a wonderful group of ladies!

    @[ker-AND-uh]- love the name btw! My hubs works @ McChord! We should hang out! :D

    And all of you ladies deserve it- you all rock my socks! :D


  8. Gotta agree with you, I love Bless You Heart Ya'll! MomTheBomb is awesome!

    From PDX with Love


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