Thursday, July 29, 2010

So incredibly sad. Please pray for these families!

A C-17 crashed yesterday in Alaska. 4 Airmen/ Aviators were killed. It was a total loss.

It's believed to be the first fatal crash involving the Long Beach-built C-17 since the massive cargo jet went into circulation around the globe for military and humanitarian efforts in the mid-1990s.

If you are the praying sort, please take some time today to pray for those affected by this horrific tragedy and their families.

So heartbreaking.


  1. visiting you from trendy treehouse & new friend friday. thanks for posting this,will pass the prayer request along...

  2. Thanks for the follow! Will follow you as well :)

    And yes, this story is so tragic. Thanks for passing it as well as prayer along.

  3. My sister is in the AF as well. She leaves for Afghanistan in Sept. I am scared to death!

    Thanks for finding me! Looks liek we may have more in common then you thought ;)

  4. That is extremely sad. :( My thoughts are with their loved ones and family.

  5. I am your new follower from Bloggy Moms- You can follow me at

  6. @Jaclynn- I'm so proud of your sis! And it is hard to see your sister have to go over there, but we will keep her in our prayers!

    @Maryanne- thanks for the prayers for the families!

    @Show Me Mama- done and done! :)


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