Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ace and Twilight

My 8 month old is just about the chunkiest little thing anyone has ever seen. He is all cheeks and ham-hock thighs and I love it. His name is Atticus and we call him Ace for short. And he is sweet and easy going to boot! The ladies fall in love with him where ever he goes.

But wouldn't you know it? My chunk faced sweet little angel baby is already committing tiny acts of vandalism.
Apple sauce on his shirt right before we leave for church.
I turn my back for two seconds after I finish putting his toys in the toy bin, and boom! I turn around and they are scattered far and wide. (Poltergeist anyone? lol! ;))
Piles of folded laundry mysteriously ending up in jumbled messes on the floor.
Mysterious marker stains on his fingers, toes, and socks.
Moving heavy furniture around. (Kidding! Or am I? I don't even know for sure! :D )

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking- those are just typical baby messes! And yes, I'm pretty sure the majority of the incidents had more than a little to do with his big brother Gunner. But I see that mischevious look in his eyes, and I just know. Mommies just know. ;)

Just look at this face, these eyes, and tell me he's not up to something! :P

But his latest acts of messiness have gotten a wee bit more serious. They have now affected my good standing with the library. :O

At six months, Ace defaced his first book. His first library book. By ripping out a bunch of pages. What book you may ask? Why this one!

Look, I love all you Twilight fans. I however, preferred to read them in anonymity. Now the librarians are going to look at the pages that are all ripped and say to themselves, "Well this woman clearly has issues. Who rented this book last? Let me see, oh her. Well she looked stark raving mad when she came in here. What normal adult woman gets so caught up in this tweenie romance that she starts ripping the pages?" And then they put a red flag on my library card that warns all library workers that I am unstable and can only be trusted with cardboard books. Paranoid? NO WAY! I know how libraries work! ;)

The worst part? I was in such a hurry to turn it in before the due date, I forgot to TAPE THE PAGES BACK!!! Argh! Thanks Ace. A once perfect record of treating library books with respect, ruined! I should take out a library book in your name and color on a few pages! Take that tiny, precious, 8 month old who has a mother too dumb not to leave her library books on the floor!! lol ;)

The even worst-er part? His book vandalism did not stop there. There was another library book. Another library book left on the floor. Another bout of page ripping. What book was it this time? Do you have to ask?

Laughter ensues. The hubs makes all kinds of witty comments like "Maybe he's on to something!" and "Haha! It's a sign!" Siiiigh.
All I wanted was to read the Twilight series in peaceful anonymous-ness. But my hubs is too witty and my kids are too wily.

But hey, at least I remembered to tape the pages back in that one. Sigh.

What are some of your child's first 'vandalisms'? :D Or am I the only one? ;)


  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower from Bloggy Moms!!! :) Nice to meet you! What a great way to express yourself through your blog. Your little guy is adorable. I'm probably not a punk rock mom but we can still be bloggy friends. :)

    Hope you'll come visit me soon and follow back.
    Lisa xoxo
    Raising Future Leaders

  2. Hi, I'm a new follower from friend friday.
    Your baby is the cutest ever! Ohhh those cheeks!

  3. Thx for following me ladies! The favor is returned :)
    And this site is welcoming of all mommies, no matter what they consider themselves! I just happen to be a punky one :)
    And yeah, my little guy's cheeks are beyond pinchable! Loves it! :)

  4. Your son is flat out adorable! I love the cheeks! So sweet.

    I'm following you back! Maryanne is a great name, isn't it? I'm always happy to find another Maryanne blogger. ;)

  5. Love your blog!! I have 2 little boys too! YAce is super adorable and I love that mischievous look! And we are so punk rock over here (it isn't funny)... my hubby wore converse chuck taylors to our wedding :)

  6. Thanks for all the sweetness ladies! My kids rock ;)
    So glad to meet all you moms, punky and non punky alike :) But it's always great to meet moms who are like minded!

    @Maryanne- yes, I especially love meeting ones that spell it the way we do!

    @Christin, thats so awesome about your hubs and his Converse!

  7. I totally know what you mean about reading with anonymity. I am reading the girl with the dragon tattoo and I feel like I need a faux book jacket just to leave the house.
    shhhhhh, don't tell on me!


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