Thursday, July 22, 2010

Neo Punk Rockers

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Like I said in my 'about me' section, I believe that being punk rock is more of a state of mind, not necessarily how you look, although your style can be a great form of self expression.

I identify with punk rock because I feel I have views and feelings that flow against the popular opinion of the tide of our government and views about true morality that may make fellow Jesus followers look at me in shock! And because of this, I want to help and change what I see as group thought in politics and religion. And those are just two examples.

Of course the music and fun style doesn't hurt either :) Although I think most would categorize me as bubble gum or pin up or rockabilly in my stylings. Which is fine with me, cause those styles really rev my motor :)

Anyhoo... I think the real punks of this day and age aren't necessarily the kids walking around with ironed and glued mohawks, but those that see the real problems in our society today and aren't afraid to rage against them. And not just because your favorite band tells you to.

A few of my favorite non-traditional neo punks would have to be Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. They wear suits and are pretty 'professional' on their respective shows, not easily identifiable as 'punk.' And even though I don't agree with some of their views, I applaud their outrage at injustices they see going on around them and they aren't afraid of the repercussions that may occur from speaking out about them. I also love the imaginary debates I have with them when I don't agree. (Hearing voices much? LOL!) I want to have that same passion, and I feel it is growing stronger in me daily. So watch out! You may find a rant blog on here soon ;)

Of course I may be biased with Colbert since we are both from SC. SC represent! Woot! (I would have voted for you Stephen! :P)
And I can't forget to mention the South Park guys- Trey Parker and Matt Stone. In recent seasons of their show, their social commentary has been so spot on. I love it! And they continue on despite death threats they receive! I desire that determination to change my world.

So who are some of your favorite non-traditional or neo punks of this age?

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