Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello all you gorgeous punky moms!

I originally purchased the '' domain (which I still own and am developing. That will one day be my main blogging site.) when I was pregnant with my first son in 2007.
I was still pretty young and REALLY freaked out about the prospect of becoming a mom. In my mind, I kept hearing "You are now a mom. All previous identities will cease to exist. You can now be nothing but a mom." This completely devastated me. I wanted to be a great mom, but I wanted to keep my identity, too.

So I sought out other punky or rock and roll moms online, certain there would be plenty out there to set my mind at rest; that you CAN be a mom and still keep your self.

However, I didn't find too many resources. There were a few blogs and a forum, but not the out pouring of punky support I was looking for. So I decided I would start a site to supplement what was already there. However, as life began to evolve, the plans to develop and launch my site quickly got set on the back burner. I'm sure all you moms know what I'm talking about as far as plans and kids go. ;)

I was disheartened to find plenty of places where moms were saying that they gave it all up and were now 100% mom, their old identity be dammed. Which I totally respect if that is the path you chose. It just wasn't what I felt like was for me.

So now I am in a place where I have the time and energy to finally bust out all of these ideas and stories that have been rambling around in my head!

And if you're a punky lady who is going to have a baby soon or has had one and is looking for a place to go and be lifted up and have your mommyhood and rocker-ness celebrated, you found the right place! But like I said, ALL mommies are welcome, no matter what path they may be on.


Since I began searching for punky moms online in 2007, I have found that several great blogs have popped up and I want to share the links to those as well:

* Punk Rock Mommy This is a very inspirational and touching site of a punk rock mommy who lost her life too early to inflammatory breast cancer or IBC. The site is still up and even though they no longer update it, I encourage you to read it. It is beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. (Please remember to get regular breast exams so we'll stop losing mommies to this vicious disease!)

* Punk Rock Parents

* Diary of a Punk Rock Mama

* Punk Rock Momma

* Mommy Blogs (You can find punky moms and their blogs here.)

* Punky Moms (This is kind of a blog/ forum combo for punky moms. I found this forum during my search in 2007. Great site!)

There are a ton of other great punky mom sites out there! Let me know what your favorite punky or non-punky mommy blog is!


  1. Hi there!

    I just wanted to take a moment to stop by your blog and let you know that I am following you back! I love the blog, your family is beautiful!

    I'm glad you found me amongst the sea of blogs, for I will always be a punk rock mom! I may not look it with my jeans and flip flops, or my plain brown hair, but there was a time when I rocked out to Social D (I still do!) and a myriad of other artists and now I'm raising two mini rockers in their own right.

    It's great to read another blog that brings out honesty along with real life scenarios and someone who isn't afraid to be themselves. =)

    Thanks for following, and I look forward to reading more from your blog!

  2. Thanks for following! I LOVE to meet other punk rock moms! And I so know what you mean about not looking it all the time :) Half the time I spend all day in my jammies! (I work from home lol)
    And I absolutely love Social D and Mike Ness! I actually got to see them perform a few years ago. It was flipping awesome! And I think my 2 kidlets are little rockers too :D
    Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog and I look forward to reading your blog too! :D


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